About Me

Photography is a passion that I love to indulge. And if it brings joy to someone else along the way, even better. Now retired, after 30 years as a professional, I still cannot put down my camera. Over the years  I have worked in every field of photography, and I find that my passion is nature and animal photography. However, I never give up an opportunity to capture a baby's smile, or an expression of sheer delight upon a child's face. Life is about little moments, and photography is all about capturing just these. 


Living in Missouri (now), with my husband, Randy, I spend my days serving our God, Jehovah. I am Retired from the field, and now only shoot for fun.


Photography has come a long way since I first started in the field. Back in the days of film, my roots can be found. However, I absolutely love digital photography now. The art of editing has expanded my creative freedom, and I love every aspect of the process along the way. 

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